Windows 7 Launch Day – Hasta La Vista Baby

Microsoft launched Windows 7 today.

Let’s hope its a better user experience than the hated Vista.  It was the Vista  experience, and the constant on-line virus threat for Windows machines, that persuaded me to move my home computers to  Ubuntu Linux a few years ago.   (Yes – I have more than one computer.) 

PC-Pro is giving Win7 some glowing reviews. However, reading the specs I can’t understand why. It doesn’t seem all that different from Vista. In fact it seems like Vista tidied up with a tweaked interface.

Anyway what triggered this blog was that I was using Windows 95 on my mum’s computer two nights ago. Now this was running on a 1996 laptop – your car probably has more raw computing power – but it was still like a flying machine compared to recent Windows releases running on newer hardware. It was even quicker than Ubuntu. 

I realise that Win95 does less, and has a lot of security holes, and is basically DOS with a GUI (graphical user interface), but it did what I needed it to do, and it did it quickly. 

Are subsequent releases of Windows just an example of software bloat, or is part of some Wintel plot to keep hardware sales buoyant? 

Interestingly, last year Microsoft admitted Vista was “bloated” when it demoed a stripped down operating system core dubbed “MinWin“.  This raised hopes that Win7 would be skinny and fast. However, it appears that Win7 does not have that skinny MinWin core

 Time for a reader poll.  My favourite operating system was/is [fill in the blank] because [fill in the blank]. 


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