Santa the December Crush Strictly Necessary?

It’s Saturday night, my wife is watching the Strictly Come Dancing  final, and I am drafting a contract.

I’m not moaning.  Strictly is not my idea of entertainment, and in this economic climate it’s good to be busy. 

But it is interesting that every December is the same. Manic! 

I’ve been wondering why.  I’ve come up with three reasons.

First the desire to get things done before Xmas (or before everyone disappears for Xmas). In some ways this is quite useful because it gives a project a focal point and stops “drift”.

Second, what one of my clients in procurement calls a “Santa Special”.  He means that an IT sales guy (who has a year end or quarter end at the end of December) phones up in early December with a sweet deal, but only if it is signed “this year”. Actually the same thing tends to happen (to a lesser degree) in March because a lot of US Tech Suppliers have a year end in March.

Third, the month is busy because there are TOO MANY XMAS PARTIES/LUNCHES/DINNERS.  I mean really, one Xmas lunch is surely enough. We don’t need multiple events taking whole afternoons.

Bah Humbug!

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