Happy New Year…

..and sorry about the lack of posts recently.

Martin and I are involved in a mega deal that was due to close before Xmas, but that has rumbled on into January, John is busy dealing with overflow, and Eleanor is is New Zealand (by far the best option).

I promise we will start blogging regularly again soon.

In the meantime one thought. I have started to see billboard adverts for Google’s browser (Chrome). This is a free product (at least for now). Quite strange I thought.  However, on reflection this is probably linked to the EC forcing MS to give Euro users of Vista a choice of browsers.   Round 3 of the “browser wars” ahoy.

1 Response to “Happy New Year…”

  1. 1 damienbehan January 7, 2010 at 5:20 pm

    No doubt it is, though I think it could also be that Google will also be making available their open source Google Chrome operating system this year, which they describe as “a natural extension” of the browser.

    So by getting us used to the Chrome brand, they might be hoping that when we go to buy a Netbook later in the year, we might choose Chrome as not just the browser, but also as the O/S. Buying a laptop without an O/S is going to be cheaper, but you’ll also need to use Google’s Apps as well, as it’s unlikely to run MS Office. So they are maybe hoping that you’ll end up using Google for everything – O/S, browser, document editing, spreadsheets and so on…

    Probably easier than installing a Linux distro and Open Office for the average user, so that might be the way forward for lightweight machines…

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