Wordcloud showing recent Brodies’ experience..

A client asked for a list of all the interesting work the Brodies’ Technology Information and Outsourcing Group had carried out in the last 12 months.

We listed it all in a document. That was OK, but a bit dull. So we put the document through a word cloud generator and came up with this

I know it looks a bit janky at this resolution, but still, it is pretty cool.

Update – Click on the picture to see it at a better resolution.

We put the word cloud at the front of the document. It looks fantastic.  I think I’ll be using word clouds a lot more from now on.

1 Response to “Wordcloud showing recent Brodies’ experience..”

  1. 1 Michael Bromby March 18, 2010 at 7:06 pm

    You might be interested to know that http://www.wordle.net (an excellent site for creating wordclouds) has had some IPR trouble in the not-so-recent past. See this Wordle blog post
    I do think word clouds are a nice way to visualise things, and have recently taken to using them for my undergraduate law module handbook front covers!
    I also had a nice blog post at Digital Directions highlighting the most frequent words used by their lordships in Shogun Finance Ltd v Hudson (FC) [2003] UKHL 62.
    If you visit the site, there’s also a Tagul cloud on the sidebar that puts the words into a an overall shape – hard to explain, but go see – its a star!

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