Douglas on Radio Scotland talking about iPods and digital music rights

I was on Radio Scotland last week talking to Fred MacAulay about downloaded music,  iPods, iTunes and other Apple “iPayTooMuch” products.

Here is a link to an mp3 recording of the piece – its about 10 minutes long.

Douglas on Radio Scotland re iPods

Some Key Points (that weren’t fully made in the interview):-

1. When you “buy” a music download you are actually buying a contractual right (licence right) to do certain specified things with that dowload. 

2, The contract (licence) will set out what you can do, e.g. listen to it in private, burn it to up to 5 devices etc.

3. If what you are doing is not expressley permitted under the contract (licence) then you are infringing copyright. 

4. So for example using your iPod to run a karoke event at your place of work would likely be a copyright infringement.

5. This is not a new model, the same rules applied to LPs. (Remember those? – I still listen to mine.) 

6. The iTunes contract is subject to California law, California Courts, and allows Apple to unilaterally change your rights to use the download.  Nice for them, not so good for you.  (To be fair the other on-line music stores are not much better).

7. Format shifting is not legal in the UK (it’s copyright infringement), but it’s low risk.

Happy listening.

Apple, iTunes and iPod are all registered trade marks of Apple Inc. “iPayTooMuch” is a lifestyle choice by our Martin.

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